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Hi, everyone!

Thanks for joining us for Hetalia Sunshine 2010, whether as a participant or supporter. ♥

The main round officially is closed--but the bonus round will open in a couple of weeks, on October 1st. For those unfamiliar, here's how it works:
  • Hetalia Sunshine is open year-round, except for a couple of "admin" weeks before each round.
  • The main round runs as an exchange, with requests, assignments, and guarantees of at least one fill.
  • The bonus round includes all prompts not filled during the main round. It's a free-for-all with no claiming, no minimum requirements (sketches and ficlets are okay), and no guarantee of a fill. The bonus round is open to EVERYONE, whether you were a main round participant or not. It's kind of like a kink meme, except it's not focused on sex and not anonymous.
If you have a fill for the bonus round ready to go already, please feel free to post now; the comm is still on moderated status, so we'll send it through as soon as the bonus round opens.

In the meantime, some of you may have noticed a link at the top of the main page to something called Operation: No Fill Left Behind 2010!:
With well over 100 fills posted in just two weeks, it's not hard for one to get overlooked accidentally. We want all the great HetaSun artists and authors to know how appreciated they are--so, taking a page from the Yuletide book, this post is where you can find HetaSun 2010 fills deserving of a little love they haven't yet received.
So if you're still basking in the sunshine or just looking for some Hetalia fanworks to enjoy, you might want to check out these HetaSun 2010 stories and artworks.

Last but definitely not least, Miaou would like to thank those who went above and beyond to help make this year's Hetalia Sunshine such an enjoyable experience:

♥ Our amazing pinch hitters (asterisks indicates multiple pinch hit fills): moirae*, B., chibi_spork, hideincarnate, isakana, orangepencils, raikana_sakaro*, revolutionjack*, sakuratsukikage, salmagundi_fic*, sayasama, strawberryburst, twoxten, viothegreat.
If I left you off the list, please don't be shy about mentioning it--I'll add you right away.

~Special mention to revolutionjack and salmagundi_fic, who both attempted to claim nearly every pinch hit assignment--even after they'd already done multiple pinch hit fills!

♥ Our awesome graphics makers: abarero (participant banners), and oinkwarrior & twistedsheets10 (comm banner).

♥ And those who shored up Miaou in some of her less sunshiney moments. You know who you are and you know ILU! ♥ Special mention to deixis_dyad, who stepped in to help moderate posting and likely will be taking on even more next year... ♥

Thanks again--and please look forward to the Bonus Round, opening October 1st!

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TITLE: At the Shore
ARTIST: cayenne (anonymous participant)
RECIPIENT: yaoiophile
NOTES: Headers not provided by filler; please comment with errors/additional info and Miaou will fix it.

sunshine at the seashoreCollapse )
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TITLE: Of Fiats and Italians
AUTHOR: HERO-sandwich! (anonymous participant)
RECIPIENT: Dafiya (anonymous participant)
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: N. Italy, Germany; appearances by others
RATING: PG-13/T (for a little language)
A/N: I hope you enjoy this. There are probably some tweaks here and there since I obviously have never been to Europe before so I tried looking around through some travel guides, logs, and stuff. I hope it’s okay that I made the twins kind of part of the mafia. I figured they might be. I’m sorry if my Italian is a bit off. And before I forget this, Lovino and Feliciano are twins here but Lovino’s still older. Anyhow, I really hope that you enjoy this~
SUMMARY: Feliciano takes Ludwig around Italy.

I’m so excited~ I’ll take you to all the wonderful places here in Italia and then I can make you pasta!Collapse )
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TITLE: Girl Time
ARTIST: Kaede (anonymous participant)
RECIPIENT: meihime_sama
CHARACTERS: Seychelles, Hungary
NOTES: Headers not provided by filler; please comment with errors/additional info and Miaou will fix it.

hanging out during lunchtimeCollapse )
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TITLE: and there were flowers
AUTHOR: Minty-Choco (anonymous participant)
RECIPIENT: tea_for_you
PAIRING: England × France
DISCLAIMER: Hetalia is not mine to make.
SUMMARY: Prompt was “trying at doing romance the right way.” Somehow it translated to England sending flowers to France and vice versa as a means of showing their affection/facilitating their romance. Because they aren’t good at actual verbal communication. I hope this is OK.

England had sent France flowers.Collapse )
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TITLE: Too Small for Walls
ARTIST: LBH (anonymous participant)
CHARACTERS: Germany, Prussia, Austria, Hungary
NOTES: Headers not provided by filler; please comment with errors/additional info and Miaou will fix it.

a long-desired reunionCollapse )
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TITLE: Chasing the Sky
AUTHOR: B. (anonymous participant)
RECIPIENT: abarero
NOTES: Headers not provided by filler; please comment with errors/additional info and Miaou will fix it.

America had many talents.Collapse )
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TITLE: Après la pluie, le beau temps
RECIPIENT: fanfaluche
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Belgium, France, mentioned Netherlands and OC!Wallonia, BelgiumxFrance
NOTES: not quite how I'd have liked it to turn out, but well...
SUMMARY: France and Belgium hanging out at Belgium's house, chatting, baking and singing.

France parked his car in front of Belgium's houseCollapse )
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TITLE: Priyatnogo Appetita!
AUTHOR: harusamemosuke
NOTES : OTL I am so sorry this is late. Seriously. Work sucks. This fill was going to be a whole lot better.
SUMMARY: It's a special day, circled in red. A special day requires a special meal.

A day in redCollapse )
In under the wire
Immi - Sign of Love
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AUTHOR/ARTIST: vexinglilium
RECIPIENT: darklordavy
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: The Netherlands/Canada
NOTES: This fic contains original characters, drug use, sex, D/s elements, some dub-con, and steampunk sex toys. Yes, you heard that right.
SUMMARY: Steampunk AU. Canada unknowingly finds his way aboard a smuggling airship crewed by the Netherlands and his cities.

The lighter he pulls out to start it with is copper and etched with a picture of a cityscape.Collapse )
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